Standings: K-6 Bughouse

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SwissSys Standings. Superstates 2018 Bughouse: Bughouse K-6

#NameIDTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotPrize
1M. Xiong and E. Xiong16198153WING CHEWW6WW5DD2 5First Place
2H. Ram and O. Kulkarni15117271CYCLWW7WW10DD1 5Second Place
3P. Samal and V. Anil15785078CYCLWW12DD8WW9 5Third Place
4K. Lewis and A. Ram15929867ACAWW15DD9WD8Fourth Place
5B. Meerkreebs and C. Holcomb16017603MOUNTAINWW16LL1WW14 4Fifth Place
6A. Jain and M. Cedillo16013678CYCLLL1WW17WW13 4 
7S. Manoj and E. Wu16405245CYCLLL2B---WW12 4 
8B. Webdell and E. Webdell15902902INDEPENDWW17DD3DL4 
9Z. Rana and K. Sokhikyan15753773ACADEMICWW13DD4LL3 3 
10K. Tsukamoto and R. Almond16332583CHANDLERB---LL2DD16 3 
11N. Christopoluus and K. Holcomb  DD14LL13WW17 3 
12A. Lam and A. Lam15901020CYCLLL3WW15LL7 2 
13A. Marcal and K. Murugesan16460667 LL9WW11LL6 2 
14E. Treadwell and M. Bumatay15268521VALLEY ODD11DD16LL5 2 
15D. Babb and R. Tanna16147340VALLEY OLL4LL12B--- 2 
16R. Kendrick and M. McCarthy15805135AMERICANLL5DD14DD10 2 
17S. Reddy and S. Reddy  LL8LL6LL11 0 


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