Standings: K-12 Bughouse

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SwissSys Standings. Superstates 2018 Bughouse: Bughouse K-12

#NameIDTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotPrize
1J. Perkins and D. Soong13732183WHITTIERWW3WW4WW2DD5WW6 9First Place
2E. Leech and C. Xiang15794087CYCLWW8WW6LL1WW3WW4 8Second Place
3N. Thomas and S. Thomas15789286CYCLLL1WW7WW6LL2WW8 6Third Place
4I. Rana and M. Rolley15165517 WW7LL1DD5WW8LL2 5Fourth Place
5C. Edgerle and E. Bumatay15496321VALLEY OLL6WW8DD4DD1DD7 5Fifth Place
6D. Gould and C. Young15162021CYCLWW5LL2LL3WW7LL1 4 
7A. Seals and D. Maxwell15364766 LL4LL3DD8LL6DD5 2 
8S. Treadwell and B. Edgerle15223581NO TEAMLL2LL5DD7LL4LL3 1 


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